Realistic Simulation for Powertrain analysis

Simulate component manufacture, assembly, operating and severe loads

Complex contact conditions, a wide range of operating temperatures and the importance of gasket sealing are only a few of the conditions that cause powertrain analysis to be both an exciting and risky endeavor for any engineering organization. Since errors are extremely costly, it is critical that powertrain CAE engineers have reliable tools to help them achieve accurate results.

SIMULIA provides realistic simulation solutions—such as our Abaqus Unified FEA product suite, Multiphysics, simulation automation and optimization capabilities and SLM products—that address a multitude of automotive engineering challenges. Abaqus Unified FEA has been the de facto standard in automotive powertrain for more than ten years. Many modern approaches to powertrain FEA were invented and perfected in Abaqus through close collaboration with world-class powertrain suppliers and OEMs. Ongoing collaboration with industry customers and partners continues to result in best-in-class features and performance for powertrain users. Our software has enabled our Powertrain customers to perform simulation of component manufacture, assembly, operating and severe loads such as thermal, mechanical, acoustics and life prediction.

Solution Capabilities

  • Robust and efficient solvers for solving detailed large-scale powertrain models
  • Mature sub-modeling capabilities for highly-detailed local stress analyses
  • Accurate and robust contact algorithms for bolt-down and sealing analyses
  • Integrated thermal-stress analysis which allows users to robustly model powertrain behavior across the entire range of operating temperatures
  • Gasket elements for efficient and accurate depiction of gaskets, grommets, and other interface components
  • Bolt pre-tensioning capabilities for detailed representation of bolt loads and stresses in manufacturing processes and operating conditions
  • Integrated linear dynamics capabilities for modeling structural vibration with or without contact and nonlinear effects