A strong CAD to CAE link for this process with high fidelity and high accuracy and with multi-physics and multi-scale technologies provide end-to-end solutions

A good design of vehicle’s powertrain will ensure reliability, durability, efficiency, performance, and safety. Structural simulations are key enablers in achieving this objective in a shorter and more cost-effective time than with physical tests. Those give paramount information such as bore distortion, bending stiffness, load distributions, stress fields, fatigue safety factors, etc. if simulations are realistic (non-linearity, multiphysics, multiscale, etc.).

The 3DEXPERIENCE platform connects Teams, Disciplines & Data into ONE unified collaborative environment to imagine, design and experience innovations. Thus, it connects design and simulation (CAD-CAE) which open the door for modeling and meshing automation, and even for the entire engineering process automation in order to perform design of experiments and simulation-based design optimization.