Electric Drive Engineering

Simulation for Electric Vehicles

The electric drive constitutes a critical component for the electrification of vehicles and hence the electro-mobility strategy. A complex system in its own right, the electric drive needs to be integrated into both the electric powertrain and the full vehicle. Gaining early insights into system interdependencies using Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) is key to achieving the best possible performance for competing design objectives. It enables tight integration of design and simulation activities, including connecting system simulation with physics simulation.

Multiphysics simulation enables engineers to predict and verify the system performance across multiple design objectives and in all possible operating scenarios. However, many of the disciplines are competing and finding the best trade-offs is a challenge. The teams need a collaborative environment which allows them to optimize designs by simultaneously taking into account thermal and mechanical requirements, electromagnetic performance, durability, noise and vibration control, as well as lubrication requirements.

Dassault Systèmes offers best-in-class solutions for electric drive engineering within a collaborative environment.