Crashworthiness/Safety Simulation


Over the last decade, crash test regulations have become more stringent, requiring a higher level of performance to achieve a good safety rating. For example, test speeds have been increased, and traditional automotive models were unable to handle this large amount of crash energy which lead to the collapse of the survival space and poor safety ratings. OEMs needed to increase the study of the structure, materials and restraint systems in order to achieve five star ratings again and this is where crashworthiness simulation plays a vital role.

High performance and high fuel economy are the two contradictory targets that push the automotive structure to the limit of a light-weight robust architecture. The arrival of newer vehicle platforms for electric, connected, and autonomous vehicles has shortened product design cycles. As regulations and OEM in-house safety targets tighten, the demand for crash simulations is increasing exponentially. There are many technical challenges in achieving the best crash safety ratings and getting regulatory approvals and high fidelity and accurate simulations are essential to obtaining an optimized solution. Abaqus/Explicit supports engineers in accomplishing the safety targets for all vehicle platforms, in all scenarios, and at all speeds.

A comprehensive end-to-end solution on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform allows OEMs to achieve a superior safety rating, and pass all regulatory requirements within a much shorter timeframe.