Provides designers and engineers with realistic design & simulation solutions that, when used to drive the engineering process, ensures a perfectly designed brake system that meets the customer’s expectation for safety and comfortable ride experience

The brake system is a critical part of vehicle architecture. Brakes must slow down or stop a vehicle whenever needed. A good brake system design will ensure reliability, durability, efficiency, performance, and safety where and however the vehicle is operated. If a design is inadequate, the vehicle operation may be unsafe.  Customers expect a quiet, durable brake system that performs as expected with predictable maintenance during service life.

Brake system design and performance validations require simulation-ready models at various scales and levels of fidelity starting from systems level modeling emanating from vehicle architecture to high fidelity physics based modeling leveraging FEM and CFD based methods. These validations also range from full vehicle level to sub-system level. The Brake System Engineering Industry Process from Dassault Systemes provides comprehensive range of design and simulation tools to offer the best possible design balanced with cost. A model-based workflow on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform provides seamless collaboration between various engineering disciplines thus breaking down discipline-based silos and allows reuse of models while keeping each stake holder up-to-date with most recent design changes. A virtual validation methodology starting from digital mockup of sub-systems as well as full vehicle is of tremendous value to identify issues early in the design cycle and to ensure faster time-to-market.