Realistic Body in White Simulation

Integrate body engineering processes and features for Body in White and Trimmed Body

The modern automotive body is expected to serve many purposes from being a critical structural member and reducing noise and vibration for occupant comfort, to protecting occupants in the event of a crash. Today, many organizations treat these different disciplines as isolated "silos" based on unique tools usage within each discipline. The overhead resulting from multiple tools and models taxes engineering organizations and limits productivity.

SIMULIA provides realistic simulation solutions—such as our Abaqus Unified FEA product suite, Multiphysics, simulation automation and optimization capabilities and SLM products—that address a multitude of automotive engineering challenges. These solutions deliver a full range of functionality that enables an engineering organization to integrate body engineering processes and features for Body in White (BIW) and Trimmed Body. All attributes including crash and safety, vehicle noise and vibration (including acoustics), and stiffness and strength evaluation are enabled from a single analysis product. Our many unique software features provide distinct modeling and analysis advantages in the marketplace.

Solution Capabilities

  • Mature, robust shell element technology for accurate response of sheet metal parts
  • Integrated solvers that allow shared models and methods across NVH, linear and nonlinear stress and crash analyses
  • Robust mesh-independent "fastener" technology to accurately model spot weld effects, including failure, compliance and plasticity
  • Advanced mechanics for metal materials, including plasticity and failure