E-seminar Overview

Marine & Offshore

We start with an introduction of the different tools addressing multi-phase. We will then look at Soiling and Water management within the T&M industry, Pandemic simulations with regards to PPE and HVAC design, Dynamic Flooding/Stability for Marine and Offshore, Gear lubrication for Industrial Equipment and DigitalROCK for Oil and Gas.

A demonstration of this capability will be provided for an A&D application but extensions to other industries will be summarized.

Discover the wide range and necessity of current MBS applications within the wind turbine sector.

E-seminar highlights: Overview and benefits of Dassault solutions; How MBS software is being used throughout the industry; Why high fidelity MBS simulation is necessary

Learn how to design intelligent support structures, process simulation best practices and apply XFEM to predict potential build cracks during the LPBF-AM process.

We show how to further improve the efficiency of lattice structures using the example of a turbine blade geometry. We will show the process of lattice generation in Abaqus, the application of appropriate in-service loading conditions, the import of the optimized result into the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, and finally perform a thermal-mechanical process simulation.

We discuss common problems that occur in such an environment and solution strategies to tackle them. CST Studio Suite offers a unique complete solution which can look at these problems on many different levels, from the individual component or PCB level all the way up to a complete vehicle and its surrounding infrastructure.

We discuss how the Verity® module in fe-safe can help you reduce testing expenses and avoid over-engineering.

We discuss the eigenstrain method as it is used in the context of additive manufacturing process simulations.

See how we can use Isight and Abaqus to simulate the problem by taking into account manufacturing tolerances and material variation to estimate the probability that fluid can contact the O-ring.

We focus on the current status and recent enhancements of the linear dynamics functionality in Abaqus for various industry applications.

Learn what MBS is and the numerous industry sectors it covers including engine, suspension, gearbox, rail and wind turbine design.

Learn about the thermo-mechanical method as it is used in the context of various types of manufacturing processes and simulations.

Discover the recent advances in crash and safety simulations, and latest developments in explicit solver technology in Abaqus/Explicit that enables higher fidelity and “life-like” simulations that can be turned around overnight.

We take a close look at the long-established SIMULIA framework for material modeling. The framework offers access to a wide variety of physical behaviors, and provides customization to represent novel materials, including user-defined material models.

This e-seminar is of value to any stakeholder involved in product sign-off; design engineers, simulation analysts, manufacturing experts and users alike, and who wish to have a framework on which to base decisions regarding the safety of their end customers.

We focus on key multiphysics simulation technologies in Abaqus and on 3DEXPERIENCE platform that let product engineers ensure top notch quality for their product designs.