Surgical Equipment Simulation

Efficient surgical equipment design, manufacturing, assembly and usage supported by Abaqus Technology

Surgical Equipment

Designing surgical equipment presents many unique challenges. For example, endoscopic surgery currently used for appendectomies and hysterectomies requires operating within the body cavity through only a small set of punched holes. This allows speedier recovery with less chance for complications. Endosurgery equipment, however, is quite complex since the instruments have to be able to manipulate, isolate, view, cut, staple, cauterize and remove tissue through such small incisions. Designing this equipment for efficiency, accuracy and ease of use is complex. Piezoelectric or other electro-mechanical actuation is often used.

Due to the great depth and breadth of its product features, the Abaqus FEA product suite from SIMULIA supports efficient surgical equipment design, manufacturing, assembly and usage. Features include CAD bidirectional integration, full support for interactive modeling, complete contact, an extensive material library and kinematics. The solution speed and throughput offered by our analysis products themselves is also extensive and includes support for SMP and DMP systems. Our solvers are produced to enable you to solve even the largest Surgical Equipment system assembly models with ease.

Solution Capabilities

  • Complete support for product manufacturing and assembly simulation
  • Integrated Abaqus/Standard and Abaqus/Explicit analysis products
  • Multiphysics capability including piezoelectric structural interaction