DigitalROCK Oil Recovery

A virtual core analysis lab

DigitalROCK is the first accurate and robust digital simulation for relative permeability including for enhanced oil recovery (EOR) conditions. DigitalROCK is a digital lab, which enables characterization of rock samples, pore space analysis, as well as investigative studies. With its multi-phase fluid flow simulator, it has the ability to accurately model flow through a porous medium, such as hydrocarbon reservoir, down to the pore scale.

DigitalROCK was developed through a multi-year partnership with BP and leverages SIMULIA’s 25 years of Lattice Boltzmann technology leadership. With our state-of-the art multiphase LBM physics, we have developed a robust cloud based technology to predict relative permeability, described as the “Holy Grail” by leaders in the oil and gas industry. With DigitalROCK, one can easily measure pore scale statistics, mercury injection capillary pressure (MICP), absolute permeability (k0), capillary pressure curves and most importantly an accurate relative permeability curve (kr). Special core analysis laboratory (SCAL), which takes several months if performed in a physical lab, can now be performed in matter of days.


DigitalROCK advantages:

  • Get accurate result 100x faster than Lab tests
  • Specify fluid viscosity ratio up to 50
  • Specify Capillary number from 1e-3 to 1e-6
  • Model EOR conditions: surfactant, polymer, gas, water-alternating-gas (WAG) injection, gravity drainage, CO2
  • Works with sidewall, friable, fragments or damaged core not usable in physical lab test
  • Relative permeability for oil, gas and water
  • Capillary pressure curves
  • CO2 EOR minimum miscibility pressure (MMP) estimation
  • A digital rock library of cores