Realistic Simulation for Turbomachinery

Manufacturers and suppliers use Realistic Simulation Solutions from SIMULIA to evaluate design alternatives, collaborate on projects and leverage computing resources for more efficient design analysis.


Cost, quality, time-to-market, and product complexity are just a few of the ongoing challenges that turbomachinery engineers face today. The preliminary design phase of any project in this market is critical to meeting these and other goals. Typically, cost is designed in at this point in a project, and part performance can be greatly enhanced when manufacturing also becomes involved at this stage of design.

SIMULIA products, such as our Abaqus Unified FEA product suite, Multiphysics, simulation automation and optimization capabilities, and SLM products, provide realistic simulation solutions to engineering challenges for the turbomachinery and other industries.

We work with the world's leading turbomachinery manufacturers on everything from sophisticated aircraft engines to powerful steam turbines for utilities. We help customers improve overall design processes to yield greater ROI using techniques like optimization, Design for Six Sigma, and other quality methods in the upfront phase of a design, and realistic simulation to evaluate real-world behavior of the finished product.