Realistic Tire Simulation

Significantly reduce the turnaround time with tire-specific capabilities

Modern automobile, aircraft and off-road tires are highly engineered products that need to be optimized for rolling resistance, handling, comfort, noise, durability and wear. Shorter design cycles provide a competitive edge and accurate simulation is the key to eliminating expensive redesign cycles and minimizing prototype testing. However, tires pose formidable simulation challenges due to the highly non-linear rubber compounds, reinforcements, complex tread geometries, contact, large deformations and sophisticated loading conditions. It is imperative that your simulation platform of choice can accommodate these complexities efficiently and robustly without compromising the accuracy of results.

SIMULIA provides an exclusive virtual testing ground for tires using realistic simulation solutions—such as our Abaqus Unified FEA product suite, Multiphysics, simulation automation and optimization capabilities and SLM products—that address a multitude of engineering challenges. Modeling paradigms and solution techniques tailored for tires make it easy to simulate physical behavior accurately. These tire-specific capabilities are paired with efficient parallel solvers to significantly reduce the turnaround time. We offer a streamlined approach where simulation progresses in stages. Each loading stage examines an important design load, while also serving to provide the base state for the next loading stage.

SIMULIA realistic simulation solutions provide specialized functionality to simulate all of this and more. From this foundation, SIMULIA has become the clear market leader in tire simulation software.

Solution Capabilities

  • Detailed and accurate material models for realistic and accurate results
  • Mature and robust shell element technology Integrated solvers that allow shared models and methods across NVH, linear and nonlinear stress and crash analyses
  • Comprehensive Multiphysics technology to simulate hydroplaning and thermal effects
  • Advanced mechanics for complex materials (like rubber) including plasticity and failure