Tire Vehicle Simulation

Under Extreme Load?                                                                                                      Optimize Road-Load Prediction with High-Fidelity Simulation

Industry Analysts are predicting that vehicle miles traveled globally will double to 20 trillion miles by 2030. The trend towards CASE - Connected, Autonomous, Shared and Electric - mobility will drive this growth as the number of shared vehicles is expected to increase total vehicle utilization, even though new vehicle sales may decrease.

Tire Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and Vehicle OEMs are always looking to satisfy customer demands, while optimizing their supply chain, accelerating innovation to remain competitive, better manage raw materials (performance and cost) and increase their operating margin by reducing their production costs.

The Tire Vehicle Simulation (TVS) solution enables Tire OEMs and Vehicle OEMs to comply with ever increasing regulations like:

  • National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) Performance Requirements: including multibody simulation for full vehicle dynamics with full fidelity modeling as well as component level response (impact to chassis)
  • Aerodynamic Drag [Worldwide Harmonised Light Vehicles Test (WLTP) compliance]: OEMs are being pushed to provide lower drag ($10 per vehicle for every drag count over cap)
  • Virtual Tire Submission: exchanges between tire manufacturers and vehicle OEM with IP control. This includes reduced-order tire models for vehicles dynamics concept evaluation and compliance. In case exchanges are not possible, this set of solutions includes tire reverse engineering for vehicle OEMs