Tire Engineering

Get a grip on better tire performance with high-fidelity simulation

Industry analysts are predicting that vehicle miles traveled globally will double to 20 trillion miles by 2030. Along with mobility changes towards electrical and autonomous vehicles, the tire demand is very likely to increase. Tire manufacturers must therefore work harder to optimize their supply chains to produce better, more innovative tires without sacrificing production time or cost.

The Tire Engineering solution helps tire manufacturers to push their “Magic Triangle” (Wet Grip – Safety, Wear Resistance – Lifetime and Rolling Resistance – Fuel Efficiency) beyond current boundaries, accelerating innovation. These advanced physics-based simulations support tire SAE testing standards and allow manufacturers to optimize their tires early in the design process, saving time and money before producing physical prototypes.

The solution offers an integrated design and simulation process in a single environment. When designing tires, manufacturers must take into consideration multiple factors. How well will the tires perform in all weather conditions, including wet or icy ones? How well will they contribute to the overall fuel efficiency of the vehicle? For how long will they continue to perform at optimum levels? These and other questions can all be addressed through simulation.

The integrated Tire Design and Engineering Solution addresses all facets of the tire development process (without marking). It allows tire manufacturers to evaluate tire performance at an earlier stage of the product development cycle in a unique and consistent environment: the 3DEXPERIENCE platform.