Power and Fluidic Equipment Engineering

Improve efficiency,  increase maintenance intervals and explore new usage scenarios with battle tested simulation solutions

When gas turbines make up 70% of the European Union (EU) energy production needs, even incremental improvements can have significant impacts. Because of this, governments across the world are focusing on improving turbine efficiency, and new turbine designs and power generation cycles are slowly redefining the energy landscape. This ambition to reduce emissions does not stop with turbines however; induction motors currently account for 64% of drive energy consumption in manufacturing plants, and pumps 27%; in the case of pumps, an energy reduction potential of up to 50% can be achieved.

Power and Fluidic Equipment Engineering solutions from Dassault Systèmes help you meet the latest legislation requirements, and extend the operating life of your equipment. Avoid breakdown, increase operating performance, and investigate new cleaner materials with our designer oriented solutions. Investigate the behavior of your products in installed conditions, and without a prototype, through our multiphysics workflows.