Heavy Machinery Safety & Comfort

Holistically improve operator safety and comfort with fast and proven multiphysics simulation solutions

Operators spend hours on end sitting in their cabin, conditions under which even small comfort improvements can strongly reduce fatigue. As per US National Health Council, worker fatigue costs between $1200 and $3100 per employee annually, and increases the risk of accidents. It’s therefore no surprise that equipment manufacturers are today looking to reduce overall cost of ownership and increase efficiency by improving operator safety and comfort.

This shift of focus is occurring in an industry embedded in a very competitive market, with many agile newcomers and novel electric technologies, expensive physical test procedures, and diverse regional regulations. The Dassault Systèmes' workflows allow you to re-invent next generation cabins with cost effective solutions. These decrease the need for expensive prototypes and tests, and reduce overall development time, whilst enabling manufacturers to create the brand-defining experiences that are expected by operators.

Our solutions provide you with a holistic overview of the safety and comfort of your cabins, with the information you need to make impactful changes.