E-seminar Overview

Industrial Equipment

Engine cooling affects the safety, the durability, and the performance of construction, agricultural and power equipment. Discover the solutions proposed by SIMULIA to enable the digital design of engine cooling systems, leading to increased product life and reduced development costs.

Tire manufacturers must design tires that are fuel-efficient and quiet without compromising on safety. This e-seminar will discuss the latest solutions available for advancing tire design and engineering.

E-seminar Highlights: Integrated design and simulation; Hydroplaning; Aerodynamic drag from tires; Tire noise; Heat generation & temperature prediction.

We show how the Equipment Strength and Durability Performance solution from Dassault Systèmes can help address challenges. This solution enables end-to-end tracking of project requirements from the ideation phase to product rollout. The single source of truth representations of design and simulations avoid costly miscommunications between teams and thereby avoiding ensuing delays.