Realistic Simulation of Computers and Peripheral Devices

Validate designs against shipping shock

Computer hardware consumers constantly demand more features in better designed packages. Computers and peripheral devices have to withstand the shock loading that might typically arise during shipping, installation and possibly drop. Mechanisms within the product have to be designed for both form and function, for example the sliding mechanism of a CD drive drawer, the rotating mechanism of a hard disk drive, etc.

The Abaqus Unified FEA product suite from SIMULIA allows manufacturers of computers and peripheral devices to validate designs against shipping shock, to check thermal performance, as well as to design reliable mechanisms (sliders, hinges, etc) that are common in modern devices. Our solution includes leading contact and stabilization techniques necessary to simulate media transport in printers, copiers, faxes and more.

Solution Capabilities

  • Unified modeling and simulation environment based on Abaqus/CAE
    • Tools available to simply and efficiently build complex electronics assemblies from Electrical-CAD data
    • Associative import from various CAD packages allow geometry design changes to be efficiently transferred to the analysis model
  • Unique combination of multibody, kinematic and dynamic structural response
  • Mechanism style connections allow model simplification
  • Process automation available to capture expert-generated workflows for deployment to non-FEA-expert users