Integrated Antenna Design

Antenna Engineering & Certification Workflow

Antennas form the basis of modern communications and antenna design is one of the largest applications areas of CST Studio Suite. Users design and optimize components ranging from miniaturized antennas printed on densely populated PCBs to electrically large arrays and reflector antennas. The installed performance of antennas placed on platforms such as vehicles, buildings, aircraft and ships can also be calculated.

Designing Antennas for Connected Devices

Antenna performance is heavily dependent on the structure and materials of the devices in which they operate. Using the 3DEXPERIENCE platform to directly access the most up-to-date CAD model of the device allows antenna engineers to design antennas that work first time, reducing errors and accelerating product development.

Designing a Smartphone Antenna

This is the first in a series of videos that takes you through the process of designing a smartphone antenna, from selecting the antenna in Antenna Magus to placing the antenna in a smartphone model. To see the whole series of videos, please visit the SIMULIA Community. You will need to be a member to follow the link. Join now - it's free and access is instant.