Realistic Simulation for High Tech

Manufacturers and suppliers use Realistic Simulation Solutions from SIMULIA to evaluate design alternatives, collaborate on projects and leverage computing resources for more efficient design analysis.

High Tech

Dassault Syst√®mes (DS)' Realistic Product Simulation solution allows High-Tech / Electronic companies to standardize simulation for drop testing and packaging, while advancing state-of-the-art in lifecycle prediction.  Whether you manufacture electronic or semiconductor products for Consumer, Industrial, or Automotive markets, or you are working on mission critical applications for Aerospace, you will benefit from our full range of simulation capabilities.  

The Realistic Product Simulation solution is based on the SIMULIA Unified Abaqus FEA product suite that provides advanced material models for electronics applications, modern progressive fracture/failure capabilities, best-in-class solver performance, and interactive capabilities to make model generation and preparation more efficient.  We support various simulation methods to allow robust coupled-field analysis of thermal, electrical, mechanical (both static and dynamic) and moisture-sensitivity load regimes.  With our electronic simulation solution, multiple load types can be applied to a single model and techniques are available to efficiently handle the problems of different size scales typically found in the electronic assemblies. Learn more about the application of our solution for acoustics, circuit boards, computers & peripherals, hand-held devices, microelectro-mechanical systems and paper feeding analysis.

For more information, please download the Realistic Product Simulation solution brief.

Solution Capabilities

Realistic Simulation & Validation solution includes:

  • Thermal flow/cooling
  • Drop test
  • Heat transfer
  • Noise/Acoustic
  • Thermo-mechanical
  • Vibration
  • Electromagnetic compliance
  • Structural analysis
  • Electrostatic analysis

All our FEA models have been carefully correlated with test data so our design engineers can be confident that simulations give accurate predictions of package reliability.

Dr. Mahesh Chengalva Staff Research Engineer, Delphi.