Simulation for the High-Tech Industry

Accelerate Product Design through Virtual Prototyping

Businesses in the High-Tech industry today are delivering not just physical products, but connected and intelligent customer experiences. How can they address the challenges of consistently delivering high-performance innovation, given the pressures of extremely short product lifecycles and the race to be first to market?

Data driven, model-based virtual prototyping with multi-scale high-accuracy simulation across physical domains – mechanical, electromagnetic, fluid and thermal – at all stages of the product design process, from early concept evaluation to virtual compliance testing, is the only way to be competitive in this challenging and complex industry.

Antenna Engineering & Certification

The antenna is the essential component that connects devices wirelessly and allows them to be “smart”. Designing high performance antennas that meet compliance requirements, to tight deadlines and for increasingly compact and complex devices, is required in order to innovate successfully in the face of intense time-to-market pressure.

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Electronic Design Analysis

Electronic devices are everywhere, forming the backbone of our modern technological society. Simulation plays an integral role in designing high performance Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) and electronic components that function reliably while complying with international Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) and Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) standards and regulations

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Battery Engineering

Batteries are the new fuel tanks in electric vehicles. They need to store as much energy as possible to minimize range anxiety, as well as maintain safety in case of unexpected events. Batteries are highly complex systems, requiring advanced engineering methods at all levels: from chemistry to cell engineering, to module and pack engineering, and finally integration into full vehicles.

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Device Structural Performance

In the extremely competitive and fast-moving world of high-tech devices, consumer demands can seem contradictory. Devices need to be strong enough to withstand the rigors of everyday life, but at the same time, customers also want devices that are lightweight, stylish, affordable and high performance. 

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