Realistic Simulation for Architecture & Construction

Manufacturers and suppliers use Realistic Simulation Solutions from SIMULIA to evaluate design alternatives, collaborate on projects and leverage computing resources for more efficient design analysis.


To support the Building Design Development Process. See all AEC Business Processes.

Architectural structures ranging from buildings to bridges to roads and other infrastructure need to withstand loads created by occupants, equipment, wind, and earthquakes.

An accurate structural analysis is required to ensure safe and economical designs. Concrete structures that are subjected to earthquakes may undergo damage in the first few seconds of seismic excitation, and that can affect their response in the later phases of the earthquake. Analysis of this phenomenon requires damage estimation of structures and inclusion of post-damage behavior in a fully dynamic large displacement analysis.

Dassault Systèmes provides realistic simulation solutions that enable accurate predictions of strength and deformations in structures for the linear as well as nonlinear regime.

The available pre- and post-processing technology, coupled with sophisticated analyses solvers, provides an extensive and reliable structural analysis solution. Static, modal, and dynamic analyses can be performed using a wide range of material models and loading/boundary conditions. Structures can be modeled simultaneously and detailed effects due to contact and damage can be included in the analyses.

Solution Capabilities – Buildings (residential, commercial, and industrial)

  • Reinforced and pre-stressed concrete, including concrete damage
  • Analysis of buildings and structural connections for required strength and stiffness
  • Analysis of architecturally unique buildings that require sophisticated and detailed nonlinear analysis
  • Wind loading on tall buildings, wind patterns affected by buildings, building motion due to wind
  • Retrofitting analysis for dilapidated and damaged buildings, “What if” scenarios
  • Seismic analysis of tall buildings, including nonlinear response of cracked concrete in the time domain
  • Response spectrum analysis and random response analysis
  • Scenarios not covered by building design codes

Solution Capabilities – Bridges, Roads, and Other Infrastructure

  • Analysis of all kinds of bridges, static and dynamic analysis, seismic and wind loading
  • Analysis of pipelines and electric transmission towers
  • Analysis of docks, ports, harbor, and marine structures
  • Scenarios not covered by design codes