E-seminar Overview

Construction, Cities & Territories

We discuss the usage of Abaqus/Explicit to solve challenging and complex engineering problems, focusing on some novel customer applications and recent developments of this state-of-the-art realist simulation tool.

Explore what an EMP is and how it can be modeled in SIMULIA CST Studio Suite to study the effects of an EMP event. Electromagnetic pulse (or EMP) is a short burst of very high, radiated electromagnetic energy and it has the potential to disrupt or destroy high-tech infrastructure and vehicular systems.

We show how to further improve the efficiency of lattice structures using the example of a turbine blade geometry. We will show the process of lattice generation in Abaqus, the application of appropriate in-service loading conditions, the import of the optimized result into the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, and finally perform a thermal-mechanical process simulation.

See how simulation can help meet the very short design cycles in wireless device design and also how it can enable and accelerate the design process for emerging applications such as high speed, low latency vehicle communication and precision manufacturing applications.

We introduce our new iterative solver based on AMG technology. We describe the benefit for direct and iterative solver depending on the size of the model based on the case studies. The audience can have better understanding on our new iterative solver and guidance on which solver is best fit for their application.

We discuss how the Verity® module in fe-safe can help you reduce testing expenses and avoid over-engineering.

We focus on the current status and recent enhancements of the linear dynamics functionality in Abaqus for various industry applications.

We take a close look at the long-established SIMULIA framework for material modeling. The framework offers access to a wide variety of physical behaviors, and provides customization to represent novel materials, including user-defined material models.

Understand how simulation can help in achieving better thermal management, predicting strength, stiffness and durability of battery.

Focus on contact modeling with Abaqus. Recent developments in both Abaqus/Standard and Abaqus/Explicit are described in detail and best practices for obtaining robust and accurate solutions are covered.

We focus on key multiphysics simulation technologies in Abaqus and on 3DEXPERIENCE platform that let product engineers ensure top notch quality for their product designs.