Airframe Structural Vulnerability Analysis

Evaluate, quantify and reduce the susceptibility of critical aircraft components to damage caused by structural impact events

Severe in-service events such as bird strike or emergency landing pose a risk to the safety of air travel. To minimize this risk, aircraft manufacturers are required to demonstrate the resilience of the airframe to such events. There is significant interest in increased usage of simulation for airframe structural vulnerability since destructive physical tests associated with this type of certification requirement can cost millions of dollars. Through integration of our advanced solver technology with design requirements management as well as lifecycle management on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, our solution for Airframe Structural Vulnerability Analysis helps to de-risk innovative concepts, test and certify at lower cost and build confidence with regulatory authorities.

To significantly reduce the turnaround time for model creation and ensure that simulation models are easily updated as the design evolves, the 3DEXPERIENCE platform provides associativity with design data and automated modeling capabilities within a collaborative environment. As a result, vulnerability simulations can be leveraged much earlier in the design process. This can help to avoid costly redesigns, enable more design iterations with improved accuracy and replace physical large-scale tests.

By connecting simulation to the digital thread from requirements to design, traceability of data is ensured. It is also straightforward to identify out-of-date simulation data or to prove conformity of simulation data with the latest design revision.

For accurate vulnerability simulations, specific corporate know-how such as nonlinear material data or validated approaches to bird modelling must be accessible. The collaborative environment provided by the 3DEXPERIENCE platform makes it easy to maintain such data and to share it across the enterprise. Moreover, modeling rules integrated with our automated modeling capability ensure conformity of simulation models with corporate best practices.

Simulation tasks often require the exchange of results between vulnerability and static stress simulations – e.g. the assessment of the structural residual strength after a discrete impact event. Our complementary solver technology for structural dynamics and statics provides an efficient solution for this class of problems. The consistent solver interface also enables seamless reuse of structural models for different applications.

With our best-in-class structural solver technology available on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, the Airframe Structural Vulnerability Analysis industry process provides you with a comprehensive set of capabilities to leverage vulnerability simulations in early design phases, connect simulation to the digital thread, digitally deploy corporate best practices, and build unified structural models for multi-purpose simulations.