Aerospace communication and detection system performance

Reduce physical testing cost and time by virtually testing antenna concepts in their real operating environment

Reliable operation of communications systems, navigation equipment and RADAR detection systems is critically important for safe operation of aircraft. The cost of physical testing, and particularly of in-flight testing, of communications systems is very high. Reducing this to a minimum by using simulation for virtual prototyping is crucial in order to meet stringent budgetary and time-to-market requirements.

The extensive range of Dassault Systèmes electromagnetic simulation technology, comprising all numerical methods required for small- and large-scale simulation, allows antenna design and placement on the aircraft to be optimized with high accuracy and speed.

Radio frequency interference between systems is a key concern for system integrators and has to be well understood at an early design stage. A dedicated interference task solver gives a full understanding of intended and unintended coupling between all the communication and detection systems. Potential problems may be identified early and remedies proposed, put in place and tested.

Adhering to compliance standards for radio frequency systems is a legal requirement which must be met in order to go to market. Any failure of certification tests at a late design stage is very costly and must be avoided. Validated high fidelity simulation gives confidence that certification tests will be passed at the first attempt.