Continuous and ongoing education services to increase user adoption and system utilization

Taking into account the current events limiting travel and companies asking/encouraging employees to work from home, we have expanded our schedule of virtual training offerings. Click here  to access the current list of virtual offerings or for more information, contact

Education Services Training Programs

Studies have proven that companies that place a premium on training notice a significantly faster progression rate with their employees than those that do not. Our Education Services team provides a variety of education options that extend from implementation and beyond DELMIAWorks functionality to help meet your business goals.

DELMIAWorks training programs deliver accelerated ramp-up time by driving user adoption while reducing overall learning costs. Training is available in multiple delivery formats with standard, configured or customized content.

Instructor-Led Training

The DELMIAWorks Education Services team provides valuable training best for your group. Our training curriculum targets all skill levels from introductory to advanced, and is provided in a variety of formats outlined below:

  • In-person classes held at our California or Massachusetts office locations (public)
  • On-site classes held at your business (private)
  • Virtual one-on-one or group sessions (public and private)
  • Change management and Adoption programs (custom, private)
  • Customized or user-specific training programs (custom, private)

To learn more about topics and training formats, view our current class calendar and access additional resources, click HERE.

eLearning Solution

Learning Experience for DELMIAWorks allows you to see an increase in user performance for software & process adoption as new skills are learned & applied, saving you valuable time and money!

Create Super Users, on board new employees and train existing ones on new modules and processes all in one place! Here are some more highlights of our offering:

  • Self-paced learning means learners can work through training on their schedule and progress is automatically saved.
  • Assign specific training items and due dates to users based on training needs, making on boarding new employees and training existing ones fast & easy.
  • Tracking Reports allow you to asses knowledge retention & training progress for learners quickly & easily!
  • Custom Content can now be uploaded for your users to access at any time.
  • Full Access to ALL content for a full year, take courses as many times as needed!

Learn more about how Learning Experience for DELMIAWorks can help your company HERE!

FAQ – DELMIAWorks Training
  1. Where is in-person training available?
    We offer classes in our offices located in California and Illinois while private in-person training can be hosted at a facility of your choosing. Currently English is the only language provided, however based on your geo additional languages may be available.
  2. What are the max number of students that can enroll in a class?
    12 users for in-person classes, 24 for virtual classes, unlimited for virtual workshops
  3. How do I check your current training calendar?
    View our current training calendar with dates, topics and agendas. Contact our team at for additional information.
  4. Where can I enroll for a course I am interested in?
    Sign up for a course.
Contact Us

Our Education Services team can answer your training questions via email at or phone at 1-805-227-1122 ext. 4

For Change Management inquires, please email delmiaworks.changemanagement(at)

If you are interested in a Learning Experience for DELMIAWorks, our eLearning offering, please reach out to delmiaworks.elearning(at)

The DELMIAWorks Education Services offerings enable you to accelerate your ramp up time, allowing you to realize the benefit of your DELMIAWorks system faster.

Arthur Bie Vice President, Education Services