3DVIA 3D Space Planning Solutions

3DVIA provides retailers and manufacturers 3D space planning software that engages consumers and helps improve business performance.

Product Portfolio

The 3DVIA product portfolio includes cloud-based applications for interior room design, kitchen layout and in-store user experiences. 3DVIA's innovative, cloud-based 3DEXPERIENCE by.me platform provides consumers the same room design experience at home, on the web or in store. The omni-channel 3D space planning solution provides retailers cost-effective high quality leads and a shorter sales cycle.

3DVIA Home provides home improvement retailers and brand manufacturers a smart 3D space planning solution, hosted on the cloud.  Omni-channel, easy to use and automated, 3DVIA Home increases your lead flow, shortens your sales cycle and delights your customers.

HomeByMe provides consumers with an online service to connect all related stakeholders to their home design projects.