Ep: 34 How to Excel Seamlessly in a Wide Range of Machining Operations

In this episode, Dominique Galmel, DELMIA Fabrication Roles Portfolio Director, discusses the need for DELMIA solutions for machining operations and computer aided manufacturing (CAM) along with insight on industry trends.

Global Operations on the Go podcast

Gain shopfloor confidence on a wide range of machining operations

Tune and discover DELMIA Fabrication and how it can help you with a wide range of machining operations. Dominique Galmel explains in detail the workings of DELMIA Fabrication and the machining portfolio. You’ll learn how it is composed of two sections to measure lines of products dealing with the machining CAM programming and additive manufacturing. The portfolio is so vast that it will pique your interest in everything machining from milling, turning, mill turning, or milling with a robot—just to name a few.

As so many are utilizing the convenience of a phone or other multi-media device, find out how our DELMIA applications will follow this trend, helping to increase efficiency, as well as other plans to make your job easier. Learn how DELMIA is pushing the envelope in terms of programming various types of machines, including offering the capability to manage laser water jet cutting or a wire EDM machine.

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dominique galmel

Dominique Galmel

DELMIA Fabrication Roles Portfolio Director

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