Ep: 33 Be a Front Runner in Field Service Planning

In part 2 of this 2-part series on field service planning, we continue the discussion with Bart Willemsen from Ordina and Twan Janssen from Dassault Systemes field service planning. In this episode we deep dive into the growing need for resiliency and exceeding customer expectations.  

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Achieving resiliency and exceeding expectations

Have you considered what it means to be resilient in field service planning? As Twan Janssen explains in this episode, “All kinds of disruptions in recent years have changed the way we work forever. We have learned the hard way that many companies struggle to deal with unexpected disruptions.”  Further to that, the podcast reveals what to do when customers are more demanding than ever before. How do you meet the need to continuously exceed the customer expectations?  Bart Willemsen discusses how planners should be able to deliver services in the most efficient and effective way and at the lowest operating costs. Listen today to hear Twan and Bart explain more. 


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Meet Our Speakers

Bart Willemsen, ORDINA

Bart Willemsen

Supply Chain Planning and Optimization, ORDINA

Twan Janssen

Twan Janssen

Supply Chain Operations, Industry Process Consultant, DELMIA

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