Ep: 32 Stay Ahead of the Competition with Field Service Planning

In part 1 of this 2-part series, we dive deep into four major changes that are currently happening in the market. These changes will impact businesses now and in the near future. Tune in to hear Bart Willemsen from Ordina and Twan Janssen from Dassault Systemes as they discuss the actions you should be taking now in order to be prepared.

Global Operations on the Go podcast

Actions now and in the ever-challenging future

Think about field services as offered in many industries and organizations that have a mobile workforce.  Their staff members are visiting clients on-site where certain activities need to be done. Now think about the planning part of field services. That is an area that brings some additional complexities. Often it entails much more than getting the right people who need to have certain skills. They need to have the right skills and certificates that validate those skills. Now add in the need to ensure your service staff has a vehicle to go on-site. The vehicles need to be planned in combination with the people as well as the equipment or tools that people need to bring. Sound like a lot? Tune in and hear our guests break it down for you.


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Meet Our Speakers

Bart Willemsen, ORDINA

Bart Willemsen

Supply Chain Planning and Optimization, ORDINA

Twan Janssen

Twan Janssen

Supply Chain Operations, Industry Process Consultant, DELMIA

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