Ep: 30 Virtual Commissioning Revolutionizes Robotics

In episode 30, Dan Birkett, DELMIA Industry Process Senior Consultant, Operations Engineering, discusses how DELMIA Virtual Commissioning helps test and validate automation control systems.

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How to target 100% cycle-time accuracy

Tune in to hear about the benefits of virtual commissioning. DELMIA’s own Dan Birkett fills in the blanks to many questions you may have about virtual commissioning and robotics.  For example, by connecting the DELMIA robot model to the Virtual Robot Controller (VRC), then 100% cycle time accuracy can be targeted.  But did you know that it is used to validate the entire manufacturing system? This could be a robot line or even a whole factory that is supervised and orchestrated by PLCs.  In fact, unit testing, such as a robot station, can be performed by simulating part creation and part transformation as it travels through the system.

With DELMIA Virtual Commissioning solution, you will be also able to:

  • Create a Virtual Twin
  • Program and Simulate Robots, Conveyors, AMR’s, etc.
  • Communicate easily through CATIA Control Build with the Control Program, from any PLC solution

Discover more information on Virtual Commissioning by downloading our e-book, “Optimizing the Manufacturing Line with Virtual Commissioning” and visit our DELMIA Robotics webpage.

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Dan Birkett

DELMIA Industry Process Senior Consultant, Operations Engineering

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