Ep: 27 Production Line Definition Part 2

In episode 27, hear Prashanth Mysore, Global Strategy & Business Analyst, DELMIA, in part two of our two-part series on Robotics and Production Line Definition.


DELMIA Robotics Production Line Definition Part 2

Tune in and find out how robotics can help in optimizing operations.  Prashanth discusses how the need for robotics and automation is ever-increasing and is necessary to support a sustainable enterprise.

Manufacturers must integrate their robots on production lines that include robots from other suppliers or integrate those from multiple suppliers depending on customer requests. However, programming numerous systems is exceedingly complex on the shop floor. How can you address these complexities? Listen now to episode 27, Production Line Definition, Part 2. 

In case you missed Production Line Definition, Part 1, listen here:

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Meet Our Speaker

prashanth mysore

Prashanth Mysore

Strategic Business Development Director, Dassault Systèmes

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