Ep: 20 Process these Critical Success Factors

The Transformation Journey Notes 6 focuses on six critical success factors around Process.

Listen to this podcast to hear our experts explain expound into each Process Critical Success Factor to provide tips and tricks for Transformation Program success.  

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Why transformation demands new processes in notes 6

In this podcast, Eric Green Vice President at DELMIA and Mike Bradford, DELMIA Strategic Business Development, continue the discussion on the Transformation Journey Notes Series. They’ll discuss Notes 6: Process Critical Success Factors.

This Research Note is focused on six critical success factors around Process. Technology and People get all the glory, but the Processes used to execute Transformation are just as critical to Transformation program success.

Discover how and get more details from downloading the entire PDF: https://discover.3ds.com/transformation-journey-research-series-note-6

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Meet Our Speakers


Eric Green

Vice President, DELMIA
Mike Bradford DELMIA Strategic Business Development Director

Mike Bradford

DELMIA Strategic Business Development, Dassault Systèmes

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