Ep: 16 Kraft Heinz’s Recipe for Production Planning Success

Kraft Heinz’s Recipe for Production Planning Success includes implementing DELMIA. Listen in to discover how a single platform was just one of the ingredients to success.

Global Operations on the go podcast

Finding the best blending scenario for multiple products

In this podcast, gain insight into best practices for recipe-based production planning at The Kraft Heinz Company with Jesse Moya, Staff Data Scientist. Learn about considerations and best practices for optimizing material usage and throughput using DELMIA Quintiq Supply Chain Planning; as well as project insights from The Logic Factory.

Finding the best blending scenario for multiple products while controlling ingredient costs, minimizing waste and guaranteeing product freshness is a challenging task for even the most experienced planners. Recipes allow for tolerances of different recipe compositions that keep the nutrients and quality constant—but making optimal choices every single time calls for the comparison of different complex scenarios, which can only be made possible by leveraging a smart solution.

This is where DELMIA Quintiq comes in. We empower food manufacturers to seize the most profitable opportunities by:

  • Considering all constraints, business rules, regulations and preferences in comparing multiple ‘what-if’ scenarios
  • Proactively optimizing the product mix to reduce sourcing and production costs while increasing overall revenue
  • Leveraging data to generate optimal plans in line with operational KPIs and company goals
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Meet Our Speakers

jesse moya

Jesse Moya

Staff Data Scientist, Kraft Heinz
roel van den broek

Roel van den Broek

Chief Revenue Officer, The Logic Factory

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