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Connect engineering and marketing to the product model for a faster product launch

Accelerate marketing results with the digital twin

When connected directly to 3D data, marketing makes giant performance leaps over 'old, traditional' product launches. Instead of waiting to develop marketing content until AFTER prototypes or manufacturing begins, product launch content starts as soon as engineering delivers a 3D product model.  And, changes occur in real time.

A virtual twin experience model shifts the paradigm for a successful product launch. Even if product changes occur after marketing content is complete, using digital models ensures an on-time product launch.

Enterprise collaboration for concrete results

Digital access to product models and related information during the design phase, accelerates collaboration. Marketing becomes a continuous, iterative process. Content evolves in real-time through the design, engineering and manufacturing stages. 

Dassault Systèmes 3DEXPERIENCE® platform allows engineering and marketing teams to connect in real-time, saving organizations time and money. With more time for innovation teams generate powerful Sales & Marketing experiences  for the entire consumer journey including: 

  • Access to 3D data - 3DEXCITE enables universal access to product data. Develop consumer experiences, flexible media, and traditional content – using real-time information. 
  • Digital Collaboration - Teams access the project simultaneously and all product changes are shared in real-time. Governance rules define access to the product. 
  • Voice of the Customer - Analyze social listening research alongside enterprise data and share this information throughout the product lifecycle for all stakeholders. 

Is your customer experience memorable?

Produce powerful experiences that evolve alongside the product. Strategic engagements and increasing sales are paramount In today's business landscape. 

Complete marketing campaigns ahead of the product production.  Produce experiences that are relevant, innovative, flexible, and responsive to changing market sentiment and demands. Shortcut to Market is tailor-made for the needs of the 21st-century consumer. 

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