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How can we sustainably consume goods in the future ?

Helping L'OREAL workforce drive their Digital Transformation thanks to Dassault Systèmes solutions.

The Consumer packaged goods industry is currently facing transformations that are bound to impact society as a whole. Indeed, new technologies, digitalization, additive manufacturing, machine learning and 3Dmodeling are all converging to offer breakthrough innovations in production at rate, and cost, never thought possible.

Vincent ROY > Sales Visual > Dassault Systèmes

Vincent ROY

Senior Client Executive, L'Oréal

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There is a need for change because of the consumers. They don't want traceability of goods anymore, they want transparency.

Philippe LOEB > Sales Visual > Dassault Systèmes
Philippe LOEB
Vice President Home & Lifestyle and CPG-Retail industries, Dassault Systèmes

The Sustainable Packaging Challenges

As consumers demand more, Brand Manufacturers are responding with lighter, more recyclable materials. But more can be done to pave the way for a 'greener' tomorrow. Learn more with Philippe LOEB, Vice President Home & Lifestyle and CPG-Retail industries.

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