Why inclusive collaboration is key to business innovation

Innovation is the key to business growth, and the key to innovation are people – and the processes that pull them together and get them moving in a single direction.

Whether it is working together on a new business idea, executing against plans, or ensuring accountability and traceability – effective collaboration processes are essential if an organization is to effectively harness the full range of its capabilities.

Team collaboration in practice

Collaboration means bringing teams together, so that projects unfold as a collective enterprise, rather than existing as a baton passed between different siloed teams. Developing effective processes for this yields substantial competitive advantages.

One powerful application of effective collaboration is the ability to link social and structured thinking within an organization. For example, ideation can be spontaneous, and can come from anywhere – from a coffee break to an email chain. Effective collaboration systems can harness this kind of social thinking, and turn it into actionable structured thinking.

Effective collaboration can also help with ensuring accountability and viability throughout the project. For example, with a strong collaboration process, a member of a company’s finance team might identify if a product idea is viable cost-wise given the expected revenue. This information is shared and then discussed across the business at the outset so alternative courses of action can be considered.

Alternatively, a member of the legal team might identify regulatory issues early in the planning process. Effective, real-time collaboration processes would then let them highlight these issues to product teams, allowing the company to reduce delivery risk and avoid unnecessary costs.

When all areas of the business interact and share ideas, correct decisions can be made at the right time and based on the right information. Good process is essential – and effective technological solutions can be a critical element in building and sustaining these processes.  

The solution for business innovation

Dassault Systèmes’ cloud-based 3DEXPERIENCE® platform is a powerful tool for enabling effective collaboration that drives innovation. While used by product development in companies both big and small, it also provides the framework to create a smooth and real-time collaborative environment between diverse groups of stakeholders throughout an entire organization.
Thanks to the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, those with different roles in the business can collaborate assuredly – and innovate as one.  Rather than departments such as Finance, Legal, Sales & Marketing, Product Development and HR operating in isolation, the 3DEXPERIENCE platform brings different perspectives and skillsets together in a single, integrated process.

The 3DEXPERIENCE platform acts as the conduit tying everyone and everything together. This enables teams to collaborate easily, to share insight and real-time data, resulting in confident decision making that drives business innovation.

Inclusive Collaboration

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