Reinvent the Construction Industry With Productization

Discover how integration-ready construction modules transform the value chain by accelerating the design and delivery of unique, sustainable buildings.

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The architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) industry is at the precipice of transformation. Pressed with demands for speed, sustainability and personalization, leaders have begun to rethink how to best deliver value. Some have turned to prefabrication to move construction processes off site and into prefab shops, but they’re still burdened by logistical issues, increased costs and siloed trades.

A radically different strategy offers a unique opportunity for general contractors, specialty contractors and manufacturers to transform the entire construction ecosystem for the better. “Integration-ready construction modules”, defined by multi-trade assemblies, standardized interfaces and generative variants, are at the heart of this new approach. When integration-ready modules are designed and produced independently of projects, or “off-cycle”, the immense scalability and value of productization come into play without compromising on variability and customization.

Productization, enabled by virtual twin technology, empowers construction players across the entire value chain to design and construct personalized and sustainable buildings faster.

Productization Delivers Greater Value and Scalability

In our white paper, learn how integration-ready modules power the shift from trade-based, project-based processes to next-level efficiency and sustainability for the construction industry — and how this will affect traditional AEC roles.

A Better Strategy With Productization

Integration-ready modules are vital elements of productization. This approach leverages the virtual construction twin — a digitally accurate representation of a development’s physical processes and components, updated in real time. The virtual twin experience goes beyond building information modeling (BIM) applications by providing a structural view of a project and a systems view for managing the entire design, engineering, product manufacturing and construction process.

With the virtual twin on the 3DEXPERIENCE® platform, construction leaders can implement a new productization strategy that helps them:


Engineer integration-ready construction modules outside of a project cycle to enhance scalability and cost-efficiency

Configure hyper-customized geometries and apply generative design to the construction and implementation of modular systems

Avoid prefabrication constraints and decrease construction costs with the introduction of microfactories

Revamp construction management roles, so contractors continue to deliver value to owners

As productization becomes more widespread, general contractors risk losing 25% of their value because owners will collaborate more closely with specialty contractors through virtual construction twins. But evolving into “prime integrators” helps general contractors overcome disintermediation. Prime integrators manage site logistics, master new procurement approaches and collaborate with “virtual makers” – specialty contractors who have virtualized their craft – to ensure integration excellence.
Dassault Systèmes is already enabling the revolution of the construction industry. Watch the video below to see how Bouygues Construction uses the 3DEXPERIENCE platform to advance sustainable construction.

Delve Into Integration-Ready Modules

Integration-ready construction modules are fundamental for productization. These custom “building blocks” use generative design tools to offer a high degree of configurability for unique building designs — unlike traditional modular buildings.
Virtual makers can expand their product libraries and generate tailor-made shapes consisting of integration-ready modules. Manufacturing and assembling these modules in microfactories accelerate sustainable construction while significantly reducing costs.
Read the infographic below to discover how integration-ready modules drive improvements across the construction value chain.

Virtual twin technology on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform helps construction leaders transform their entire ecosystem by leveraging integration-ready modules to advance the path to productization. With virtual construction twins on a connected platform, contractors can break free from trade-based constraints, pioneer sustainable construction and position themselves as a disruptive new leader in a changing industry.

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