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7.1% Sony
Audio, photography and TV – Sony debuted products across all areas at CES 2016, getting people of all interests talking.
5.4% Amazon
Despite having no booth or keynote speech, the e-commerce giant's Echo smart speaker had people talking at CES 2016.
7.0% LG
A robot vacuum, smart fridge and 98-inch TV were among LG’s new-age products aiming to enhance everyday life.
11.2% Apple
Despite having no public appearance at CES, Apple was frequently mentioned, propelled by other brands building products for Mac and iOS.
7.1% Intel
Powering Segways, drones and wearable tech of all kinds propelled Intel into the social media feeds of many.
11.9% Samsung
From smart fridges to their own VR headset, Samsung used CES as a launch pad for a number of new innovative products.
5.4% Microsoft
Microsoft's connected car partnerships - as well as a star-studded CES party - generated plenty of online chatter.
19.8% HTC
HTC scored highly in the social media conversation as they debuted their Vive VR headset with Valve.
7.6% Oculus
Virtual reality took center stage at CES, with the biggest name in the VR space generating substantial online mentions.
17.5% Facebook
Facebook generated plenty of social media commentary at CES with its very own Oculus being the center of attention.

Share of Voice for the most-mentioned brands at CES. Based on online sources collected by Agency Wizardry between Jan. 5-10, 2016