The world of manufacturing is always changing. Is your company changing with it?

Disruption, innovation, and global connectivity are all reshaping how manufacturers deliver in today’s experience.

Competition, unexpected events, and consumer demand put relentless pressure on manufacturers. A world-class business platform can help you to digitally transform your operations and prepare for what’s in front of you.

Explore the Factory of the Future

Immerse yourself in a virtual tour of the factory of the future.

Navigate inside a factory with augmented and virtual reality to understand how the Dassault Systèmes 3DEXPERIENCE platform enables innovation, value and success

Resource Planning


Define and simulate the plant layout, flow, assets and resources needed to produce products efficiently and in a safe environment. Using 3D virtual experience twin technology, rapidly validate normal production change requests or quickly pivot operations to alternative products as the result of disruptive events.


Manufacturing Planning


Enrich the product and resource definition; define and validate a process plan and create work instructions to meet production goals. Digital visualization of resource and process changes help accelerate time-to-production in any scenario, from any location, leveraging the cloud.

Planning & Optimization


Orchestrated Business Planning across all time horizons; gain visibility with planning, scheduling and collaboration by modelling, simulating and optimizing supply, demand, and production plans to achieve financial or operational results.


Manufacturing Operations


Transform global production operations to achieve and sustain operational excellence with Manufacturing Operations Management. Create, manage, and govern operational processes on a global scale. Deliver effective execution while managing real-time exception handling.

Collaborative Operations


Transform the way you and your team work, across functions and geographies, with a collaborative and interactive solution. Improve team performance, by problem-solving with 3D content, analysis, and data.

collaborative operations

Factory of the Future…is in creating a competitive advantage by flexibly and more cost effectively manufacturing smart and connected products that better meet the needs of end consumers.

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Factory of the Future

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