Industry Services Engineering Innovation Showcase

On February 28, 2013
National Center for Aviation Training 4004 N. Webb Rd Wichita, KS 67226 Wichita United States

Attend the Dassault Systèmes Industry Services Engineering Innovation Showcase to learn how you can further transform, enable and support your product development cycle by implementing best-in-class processes, tools and skilled engineering services.

What if you had a team of experts that could leverage your current infrastructure and help your business become more efficient, reduce costs, and increase innovation?

Experience and learn about real-world examples with proven and demonstrable results that can be applied to your product development cycle, to: 

  • Increase product development efficiency 
  • Ensure quality of engineering deliverables
  • Reduce engineering costs
  • Reduce project cycle times and time to market
  • Capture and leverage intellectual property
  • Manage the systems’ complexity and their interactions
  • Enable traceability from requirements to Implementation throughout the Product Development
  • Maintain an equilibrium between workload and capacity
  • Innovate while ensuring regular production
  • Minimize risks while implementing new tools and processes
Showcase topics will cover examples of how industry services:
  • Redefined engineering processes, built tools and automations and deployed solutions that maximized the customer’s PLM value
  • Improved product development processes through providing a combination of lean transformation and a skilled engineering team.
  • Developed large systems integration platforms for their customers, to enable them to perform efficiently with all the necessary integration tests required for their Products’ validation.
  • Extended our customers capacity to execute by providing supplemental resources, support internal skills upgrade to reduce cycle time, improve quality, and allowed them to concentrate on innovation.
Successful companies continuously innovate.

Dassault Systèmes Industry Services is your partner to help create a culture of continuous improvement and innovation for your business.



Meet and Greet Breakfast: 7:45am

Presentations: 8:45am

Estimated Time Finished: 12:45pm


Lean Engineering Offering:

Engagement models and example projects

Engineering Automation Platform - Keynote Project:

Deep dive into business process transformation, where 3DS IS leads the transformation of engineering processes and tools through project execution and automation. Understand how an Engineering platform enables a single source of truth approach to automating designs, customer illustrations and work instructions resulting in 50% gains in efficiency.

Knowledge Based Engineering:

Examples of how a knowledge based engineering approach in your product development supports capturing IP, streamlines execution and ensures quality.

Maximize Simulation Value:

Increasing product complexity and consumer demands dictate that simulation can no longer be a discipline dominated by experts working in disconnected silos. The rate of technological advancements in simulation is a huge, comprehensive process for even the best organizations to assimilate. Learn first-hand from Dassault Syst



National Center for Aviation Training 

4004 N. Webb Rd

Wichita, KS 67226


Townplace Suites Wichita East @ $99 USD

9444 E 29th St N, 67226 Wichita,  


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Industry Services Engineering Innovation Showcase

Location National Center for Aviation Training 4004 N. Webb Rd Wichita, KS 67226
Country United States

National Center for Aviation Training 4004 N. Webb Rd Wichita, KS 67226