Exalead OneCall Forenoon 12-2013

From December 06, 2013 to December 27, 2013
5 rue de la Paix, Paris 2e Paris France

EXALEAD OneCall: The right information at the right time, directly on your customer service screens

 • How do you reply immediately and efficiently to customers, whether via phone, email, chat, or in-store?

• How do you create happy, loyal, engaged customers and gain market share?

EOVI supports its customers thanks to the EXALEAD OneCall solution implemented with Keyrus.

Frédéric Louis, EOVI CIO, will reveal the value of interacting with them equipped with a true 360° view of their data.

What is OneCall?

- An unlimited, unified, and intuitive access to multi-channel customer information for all call center employees

- A dashboard for managers to oversee in real time

 - An agile business solution for customer interaction that enhances your existing CRM system


- Improve response time and quality

- Grow customer satisfaction

- Achieve sustainable and differentiable customer engagement

- Boost IT agility

Discover how OneCall allows you to attain significant and rapid advances in your business and your results.

Exalead OneCall Forenoon 12-2013

Location 5 rue de la Paix, Paris 2e
Country France

5 rue de la Paix, Paris 2e