Webinar: Realistic simulation for driving efficiency of EPC Industry

On February 28, 2012 12:00 (GMT)

Discover how Dassault solutions, can help you reduce the design cycle time and cost of a building design without compromising its safety. Through customer examples we would showcase different projects likes dams, bridges, roadway, skyscrapers, power plant engineering address static, modal, and dynamic analyses need using SIMULIA’s Abaqus FEA. Realistic simulation solutions accurately predict soil deformation, concrete failure, soil structure interaction, strength and deformations in structure in the linear as well as nonlinear regime and much more.

India’s EPC market has witnessed consistent changes over the past few years, with increasing project sizes, scale and market maturity. The key challenges faced the industry today is stiff competition, alleviating time and cost overruns. To stay ahead of the competition, the most innovative companies in the industry use virtual simulation to understand the impact of their design decisions, ranging from foundation selection to architectural details to estimation of damage in structures due to environmental factors like wind, flood, earth quake etc.
The forum will also highlight how engineering simulation is used in the offshore
engineering industry. Application areas include pipelines, offshore platforms among several other application areas. This webinar is a must attend for Project Managers and people involved in design and engineering.For more details, click here