Power of SIMULIA Portfolio 8: Simultaneous and Integrated Calibration of Hyperelastic_Viscoelastic Materials

On Demand Webinar

Attend this eSeminar and learn about a new procedure that simultaneously calibrates hyperelastic + Prony series viscoelastic material behavior. This is a significant improvement over existing techniques in A/CAE and allows for use of many more types of test data.

We will demonstrate a new approach that allows for using a family of constant strain-rate testing to calibrate a hyperelastic + Prony series (linear) viscoelastic material model.  This new approach also allows for a variety of other types of test data to be used.  In addition to the demonstration, we will also share a Windows executable that can be used within an Isight framework to perform these new integrated calibrations. Attend the eSeminar and learn

  • Scope of application of the new approach
  • Limitations of the current calibration process in Abaqus/CAE
  • The new calibration process  with examples

This eSeminar is a must attend for Abaqus users interested in material model calibration.