Introduction to Fatigue of Elastomers with fe-safe/Rubber

On November 06, 2015 12:00 (GMT-3)

Please join us at 12:00 pm (Brasilia time) for this FREE 2 hours eSeminar which reviews issues commonly faced when pursuing fatigue performance in elastomeric products, and the problems that can be solved using modern characterization and analysis techniques.

It introduces technologies, solutions and workflows that you can use to achieve your durability targets for problems involving nonlinear material behavior, and multiaxial, variable amplitude loading.  The eSeminar includes a case study demonstrating the application of fe-safe/Rubber for fatigue analysis.

  • Concept Overviews:  Fracture mechanics and Crack Nucleation Analysis approaches
  • Technology Overviews:  Nonlinear material models, critical plane analysis, damage accumulation under complex loading
  • Solutions:  Materials characterization, numerical analysis of fatigue from FEA
  • Workflow:  Application of fe-safe/Rubber to elastomer fatigue analysis

fe-safe/Rubber is a unique solution for computer simulation of fatigue failure in elastomers. It offers analysts a reliable and well validated method to investigate, diagnose and resolve the issues that limit product durability.

Who should attend?

Engineers and management involved with the selection, design, analysis, and testing of elastomer materials, components, and systems that must endure dynamic loading conditions.

About the Presenter

Will Mars is co-developer of SIMULIA’s fe-safe/Rubber. He is an international leader in the failure mechanics of rubber. He has received several awards for his scientific contributions and innovations and has more than 20 years’ experience developing testing and simulation methods in the rubber industry.

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