EXALEAD Webinar - Enabling Collective Intelligence for Engineering

On June 26, 2012 12:00 (GMT)

Do your engineers struggle to obtain CAD files, design specifications, technical documentation and other information from their PDM, PLM, ERP and other enterprise applications? Dassault Systems - EXALEAD's ii for Design enables engineers to search for all information and data related to a Design, Component, Project or Product. Join Eric Rogge, Sr. Director of Marketing for EXALEAD, on June 26th to learn more about ii for Design Features.

Tuesday, June 26th – 8:15 AM - 9:00 AM PDT


Realize the potential for high-quality, on-time, cost effective product designs:

·         Find and reuse pre-existing proven, best-practice specifications, designs and other related information from past projects

·         Minimize redundant component inventory to lower carrying costs and stock-outs


Business value assessments for current projects show millions of dollars recouped from the following benefits:

·         Enhances re-use of existing information, parts, materials, documents, formats, standards

·         Increases productivity and effectiveness of both creators & consumers of information

·         Reduces non-value-add time for creators and consumers of data and documents

·         Smoothes knowledge transfer as teams and new employees start and move between projects

·         Improves quality of life by reducing NVA activities, allowing people to focus on what they are supposed be doing


ii for Design Features:

·         Web-style search query, access all related PDM, PLM, ERP, Supply Chain and related information sources for CAD files, product specifications, technical documentation, manufacturing exceptions, etc

·         Eliminates the need to sequentially search multiple applications to get to a final piece of information

·         Returns results as a complete profile report for each component search



Eric Rogge brings 20 years of marketing, sales and development experience in the database and business intelligence software market. Currently, he is Sr. Director of Marketing for Exalead where he is responsible for market operational and product development in the US.