eSeminar SIMULIA - Update Release 6.13

On July 10, 2013 3:00 (GMT0)

Get informed about the new features in Abaqus release 6.13

Update-Seminars Abaqus Release 6.13

The new Abaqus release 6.13 will shortly arrive. The new release includes very interesting and important features to improve the usabilty at your comany in future. Release 6.13 offers a wider range of functionality and improves the modeling process regarding to finite elements.

  • ‚Discrete Element Method‘ (DEM) for modeling granular materials and mixing applications
  • Parallelization of the SPH-method
  • Multistep mesh refinement within CEL-method
  • Improvements for lineare dynamic procedures
  • Extended possibilities for Co-simulation,
    • e.g. Coupling between electro-magnetism and thermal calculations
  • ‚Steady State‘ solver and advanced turbulence models in Abaqus/CFD
  • Extended usement of GPU
  • Extended functionality for XFEM-method (pressure penetration)
  • Improved edge to edge and edge to shell contact in Abaqus/Standard
  • Abaqus/CAE-improvements in pre processing:
    • Modeling of assemblies, mesh copying for shells, element criteria, …
  • Abaqus/CAE-improvements in post processing:
    • linked viewports, Color Coding, boundaries, …

Join our update seminar and you will be convinced that the new version 6.13 is a strong release.

The eSeminar will be on the 10th of July from 3 to 4PM and will inform you about all new features.