E-Commerce Packaging Certification

On Demand

Consumers are dictating how and when they receive products forcing companies to use agile new methods for product delivery.

The success of online product ordering and receiving has raised consumer expectations of how they receive products. As a result, CPG brand manufacturers and retailers need to rethink how they deliver products. There are various models that can be implemented and consumers will choose their own path (i.e. 'order online, pick up in store', 'order online, ship to home', 'provide list, stores pick product').

E-Commerce has introduced more varied scenarios for package transportation and requires package designs meet new standards for durability and sustainability.  Virtual simulation of packaging units on the 3DEXPERIENCE® platform allows manufacturers and retailers to plan for every scenario from the factory floor to the consumer.

This eSeminar will discuss how simulation can help you optimize package design to assure your products reach consumers safely, affordably, and in a way that provides a perfect unboxing experience.

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