Composites Modeling with Abaqus

From 14:00 June 11, 2015 to 23:00 March 09, 2017

Time Zones: 14:00 BST (London) / 15:00 CEST (Paris, Berlin)

Composite materials play an important role in modern structural design.  To effectively design and analyze these structures while ensuring performance and reliability, companies are finding the need to evolve their analysis methods to include more fidelity in their models. Abaqus provides a wide range of innovative modeling and analysis techniques to address the unique challenges posed by composite materials. This eSeminar is aimed at engineers and analysts wishing to acquaint themselves with the composites modeling capabilities in Abaqus.

What to expect:

  • Modeling of mixed composites – a methodology to create structures with a number of discrete layers
  • Pre- and post-processing of composite FEA models and their results
    • Performing draping operations
    • Extruding a composite shell model in to solid elements and generating the corresponding properties and ply drop-offs
    • Associativity with CATIA
  • Modeling damage and failure in composites
    • Damage and failure of fiber-reinforced composites
    • Cohesive behavior and VCCT techniques to model delamination

About the Presenter

Dr. Ronit Kar Gupta
SIMULIA Senior Technical Sales Specialist, SIMULIA East

Ronit is a member of the technical staff at Dassault Systèmes Center for Simulation Excellence in Johnston, RI. His responsibilities include providing technical support, training, mentoring and consulting services to analysts across several industries, including Aerospace and Defense. Ronit earned his Doctorate degree in Mechanical Engineering from Tulane University in New Orleans.