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Realistic Simulation for Medical Device Developers

Historically, simulation has not played as large a role in Life Sciences as it has in more traditional engineering industries like Automotive or Aerospace. 

Why is that?

  • The product development process and innovation cycle for medical devices emphasizes the development of an effective and safe device; with less regard for optimal performance, lowest cost, etc. 
  • The simulation of human systems and their interaction is considerably more difficult and less evolved than the simulation of metal components, plastic, or ceramic components. 
  • Finally, human tissue response is complex and not easily simulated with simplified models. 

However, the SIMULIA product suite of realistic simulation tools is helping to change this dynamic. It is now becoming more commonplace for medical devices to be designed and safely tested in the virtual world before ever being deployed in the real world. 

Learn how medical device developers are employing SIMULIA's realistic simulation solutions to accelerate product innovation. Read the e-book!

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