CATIA V5-6R conlleva una mayor excelencia de diseño

Con esta versión, las ventajas de las funcionalidades de la plataforma 3DEXPERIENCE se ponen a disposición en una colaboración transparente con V5-6R.


Las funcionalidades de colaboración mediante las redes sociales, gestión empresarial y creación de paneles de la plataforma 3DEXPERIENCE se pueden emplear para respaldar procesos mediante el conjunto de herramientas V5-6R.

Job Server software is a server-side application that handles centralized SMARTEAM activities, such as silent release, mail server, printer server and custom jobs.

The server configuration frees SMARTEAM Editor clients from running these activities and eliminates the need to have an application installed on each client in order to process each activity. The Job Server remotely automates tasks and optimizes approval processes in the enterprise's organizational environment, while managing user tasks in the background. For example, the Print Server functionality eliminates the need for setting printing definitions in the client.
Product Overview
Product Highlights
Product Key Customer Benefits

Product Overview

SMARTEAM Job Server (JBS) remotely automates tasks such as Silent Release, and optimizes the approval processes in the enterprise s organizational environment. The Job Server increases efficiency by performing and managing user tasks in the background.

JBS is a prerequisite for SMARTEAM Regulatory Compliance Framework in building a solution for organizations which must meet regulatory requirements.

Product Highlights

  • Automatic mail notifications to administrators in certain system scenarios, providing transparency and enhanced security
    • Every failed login of an unauthorized user or users who have forgotten their passwords generates an automatic mail notification to the administrator. The mail contains user-related information, such as user name, operating user s log-in name, and machine name
  • Supports powerful, server-based activities, including printing
    • The job server performs all activities on a separate server: mail server, print server
  • Allows silent release of documents via automatic attribute mapping
    • maps all signatures into an approved document
    • Fully supports MS Word and Excel documents
  • Supports creation of custom jobs (e.g., pdf conversion), allowing the job server to execute them
  • Batch printing with embedded electronic signature information
    • Files can be printed via a batch server printing mechanism. Based on predefined mappings, prior to the printing by the server of the file, required information from the metadata record is embedded into the footer, header, and/or watermark of the printout. Users cannot change these settings or the information being printed out; this mechanism provides additional control over the print process.
  • Enables administrators to write their own jobs that will be performed on the job server
    • Comprehensive and flexible handling of electronic signatures for authorized users
    • Automated and standardized workflow processes provide required sequence of operations

Product Key Customer Benefits

  • Accelerated approval processes
  • Centralized, optimally managed execution of all tasks from a single location
  • Frees user s environment, enabling the user to perform automated tasks in the background
  • Enables administrators to write their own jobs that will be performed on the job server