CATIA V5-6R conlleva una mayor excelencia de diseño

Con esta versión, las ventajas de las funcionalidades de la plataforma 3DEXPERIENCE se ponen a disposición en una colaboración transparente con V5-6R.


Las funcionalidades de colaboración mediante las redes sociales, gestión empresarial y creación de paneles de la plataforma 3DEXPERIENCE se pueden emplear para respaldar procesos mediante el conjunto de herramientas V5-6R.

SMARTEAM - Foundation (FDN)
To supply the infrastructure that enables all SMARTEAM solutions, linking authorized users anywhere in the world, while ensuring secure access and integrity of product data and metadata.
Product Overview
Product Highlights
Product Key Customer Benefits

Product Overview

SMARTEAM Foundation is a complete enterprise product information collaboration platform that enables teams across the extended enterprise to collaborate on product data in a concurrent engineering environment. It delivers complete organizational collaboration across all enterprise applications and is configured for optimal use of the company s IT infrastructure.

As manufacturing enterprises grow, the need to control and share vast amounts of product information grows exponentially. SMARTEAM Foundation leverages a unique combination of leading-edge technologies to create a robust, secure, open, flexible and scalable collaborative product data management solution, enabling global manufacturers to achieve their goals.

SMARTEAM Foundation provides secure, real-time access to product data for authorized users, from virtually anywhere on the globe. The SMARTEAM repository ensures data integrity and core technologies enable global access. LDAP support enables all SMARTEAM products to support authentication of users against an LDAP server (such as Windows Active Directory, IBM Directory Server and others).

SMARTEAM Foundation is required for each SMARTEAM user and is therefore included in all SMARTEAM configuration packages.

Product Highlights

  • Robust product knowledge platform
    • SMARTEAM Core
    • Administration and Customization Tools
    • Vault Server
    • Web Server
    • Full Text Search capabilities
  • Facilitates collaboration and reuse of data and other corporate intellectual property, across the workgroup, enterprise and supply chain
  • Extensive data control and storage, and advanced and comprehensive security mechanisms, ensuring integrity throughout the lifecycle
  • Provides state-of-the-art authentication, including LDAP support
  • Authorization settings
    • Role, user and group based authorization.
    • Project-based authorizations
  • Open architecture for interoperability across the enterprise and beyond
  • Flexibility:
    • Highly flexible Data Model and extensive built-in Windows-based
    • Customization tools, for easy customization and adaptability to the way the organization works and its needs
  • Scalability in performance and throughout the enterprise
  • Report Connector (via OLE DB enabler)

Product Key Customer Benefits

  • Full control over data integrity and secured access.
  • Optimal use of corporate assets and Intellectual Property, due to broad range of information types supported--ranging from CAD application data and Enterprise application data to STMP data and more
  • Robust management of data relationships.
  • Greater organizational efficiency through electronically controlled review and approval processes, automation of records.
  • Improved productivity through fast, accurate retrieval of information.
  • Reduced costs through collaborative design and concurrent engineering.